1. Visit your doctor. If you have a severely curved back or spine and you find it difficult to stand up straight, consider talking to your doctor. You may have scoliosis or a number of other spinal-related issues.Your doctor may ask you to wear a back brace. Only in the most extreme cases will the doctor recommend spinal surgery. There are many other methods of improving back pain.
  2. See an egoscue practitioner. Egoscue professionals specialize in posture therapy. He will focus on your symptoms (if any), your posture, your gait, and a range of other issues. He’ll teach you how to stretch your back — focusing on your problem areas. He’ll then create an exercise and stretching regiment that you can do at home.
    • Most of these exercises will be geared towards increasing your range of motion in your hips and elongating your spine, releasing any tension compacted along your spinal column.
    • If your problem is less severe, consider just working with a personal trainer. Tell your trainer that you want to focus on those muscles that lead to better posture (primarily your lateral muscles). They’ll show you sets of general exercises and stretches to improve your posture.
  3. Consult a chiropractor. He’ll take a series of x-ray images of your back and spine. Afterwards, he’ll be able to measure the exact curvature of your spine to indicate if you have a serious issue. Your chiropractor may also be able to examine your individual vertebrae for malformations, slips, or misalignments. Many of these issues can be treated in office, but if your chiropractor discovers a more serious issue, he’ll refer to you a specialist.
  4. Get regular massages. Stress and constant tension can lead to tight back muscles, and therefore a hunched back. If you lead a stressful life, consider working regular massages into your daily life.
    • Alternatively, sitting in a massage chair regularly will relieve stress, but it won’t be able to give you the specialized tension in those areas that require it most like a trained masseuse would be able to do.